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  Patent No 7,372,366 May 13, 2008
  Seal method and system for packages

  Patent No 7,304,887 December 4, 2007
  Method and apparatus for multi-plane MRA

  Patent No 7,036,939 May 2, 2006
  Digital Projector Control, Method and Apparatus

  Patent No 6,968,275 November 22, 2005
  Pipelined digital circuit for determining the conformational energy of a folded protein


  Patent No 6,734,117 May 11, 2004
  Periodic clamping method and apparatus to reduce thermal stress in a wafer

  Patent No 6,724,000 April 20, 2004
  Reaction frame apparatus and method


  Patent No 7,860,995 December 28, 2010
  Conditional audio content delivery method and system

  Patent No 7,398,171 July 8, 2008
  Automated quality control method and system for genetic analysis

  Patent No 7,386,148 June 10, 2008
  Method and system for end of run watermarking

  Patent No 7,272,848 September 18, 2007
  Method for device security in a heterogenous storage network environment

  Patent No 7,272,611 September 18, 2007
  Apparatus and method for searching a N-branch data structure using information in entries

  Patent No 6,772,205 August 3, 2004
  Executing applications on a target network device using a proxy network device

  Patent No 6,654,496 November 25, 2003
  Method and apparatus for selecting symbols using strokes on a user interface

  Patent No 6,212,190 April 3, 2001
  Method and system for generating data packets on a heterogeneous network

  Patent No 6,185,611 February 6, 2001
  Dynamic lookup service in a distributed system

  Patent No 6,160,819 December 12, 2000
  Method and Apparatus for Multiplexing Bytes Over Parallel Communications Links Using Data Slices



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